lemonade cahuita                         Favorite lemonade stand in Cahuita, CR

Sometimes in education we have to make lemonade out lemons, particularly when times get tough as they are now in the ed policy arena.  Amid  political polarization, budgetary crises,  systemic dysfunction,  many of us look for ways  to recapture the inspiration that attracted us to the profession in the first place — that incomparable joy in helping a student learn, the immeasurable satisfaction in serving a community, the true high in making a difference.  I got a piece of this inspiration during a recent visit to Costa Rica, where I was so inspired by the resourcefulness and perseverance of the people in a pretty tough part of the world.    As you can see from the pic above, I literally gulped the Costa Rican lemonade one day in a small village on the Caribbean coast.  The enthusiasm of the kids just made my day and reminded me again how vital the work of educators is in the USA and around the world.