Teach for America is making big waves in ed reform these days in much the same way envisioned by the US Teacher Corps over 40 years ago. Back then the call went out to idealistic, ambitious college grads to make a difference in helping to innovate k12 education in America.  As the domestic version of the Peace Corps focusing on education, the Teacher Corps captured the hearts and minds of people like me. And I jumped in full throttle. It ended up changing my life and setting me on a career path along which I continue to this day.

Although the Teacher Corps itself fell victim to some polarized politics about the federal role in education in the early 1980’s (sound familiar?), I am so happy that subsequent generations have had the opportunity to jump into education early in their careers through Teach for America.  So what a pleasure it was for me to chat on TFA’s radio station the other day about my Teacher Corps experience. Take a few minutes to listen to the interview here and then tell me what you think at jimk@edgepartners.org .